Our Process

See How We Achieve Great Design For Our Clients

Good design inspires us to love the way you live at home. Our designs aim for an authentic reflection of your lifestyle without pretense or pretension. You entrust us with the most sacred and vulnerable of spaces, your home and we accept the responsibility that goes with that whole-heartedly.

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02 The On-Board Meeting

We sit. We talk project scope, budget, timelines and our process. We discuss your vision, the practical and the pretty.

03 The Proposal

We’ll send you a proposal outlining your project scope and detailing our design fees. If it’s good to go, give us the green light and we’ll start building your vision.

04 The Design

This is where inspiration turns tangible. We get familiar with your likes and dislikes. We learn your preferences and your lifestyle. Drawing from your story, we create a complete design concept and source the proposed vision: flooring, countertops, tile, furnishings, lighting and plumbing fixtures, fabrics, finishes.

05 The Presentation

We present the big vision of your home. We’re showing you all the “what-ifs” of your home allowing yourself to envision life unfolding in each new space.

06 The Execution

With final design approved, we place and expedite orders, we track their progress through our trusted vendors and reps, and we keep you in the loop. Your selections are shipped, received by our warehouse where their condition is checked for quality and any damage incurred in transit.

07 The Installation & Final Reveal

We coordinate a day, maybe a few and send you away so we can install your home; we place the furniture, hang the drapery, display the art, carefully curate, style and finish your new space with accessories.

08 The Epilogue

You relax in your new space (the kids haven’t come out of theirs in days) and sneak a few quiet moments of bliss. Lost in thought, your mind wanders…parties and catering, intimate dinners (also catering)…you wonder if you’ll ever really use that fabulous new stove/range, but more, you wonder about the happiness that comes in creating new memories in beautiful new spaces.